Are you eligible for Canada’s 6 new immigration programs?

CanadaVisa’s new tool will help you determine your eligibility for the 90,000 immigration spots available beginning May 6.

CanadaVisa is proud to announce the launch of a free new tool that helps users quickly determine whether they are eligible for Canada’s six new immigration pathways.

This simple tool will ask you a few questions so you can identify whether you are able to submit your permanent residence application beginning on May 6.

For example, to determine your eligibility under the essential worker streams, you will be asked about your work experience in Canada. Similarly, those interested in the international graduate streams will be asked about their studies in Canada.

Do you live in Canada? Try the new tool now to determine your eligibility for Canada’s new PR programs!

90,000 spots beginning on May 6, 2021

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced on Wednesday that it is launching six new immigration programs that will make it easier for international student graduates, temporary workers and French speakers currently residing in Canada to become permanent residents.

The programs are launching on May 6, 2021 and will remain open until November 5, 2021, or until the maximum number of applications have been submitted, whichever comes first.

IRCC will accept up to 90,000 applications, as well as an unlimited number of applications from French-speaking candidates.

Up to 20,000 application spots will be available to temporary workers in healthcare. Another 30,000 will be available to temporary workers in other essential occupations. The remaining 40,000 spots will be for international student that have recently graduated from a Canadian designated learning institution.

CanadaVisa’s Founder, Attorney David Cohen stated “IRCC’s recent major announcement once again underscores Canada’s commitment to helping as many essential workers, international students, and francophones call this country their permanent home.”

How will CanadaVisa’s new tool help me?

The new tool will do all the heavy lifting for you. All you will need to do is answer a few questions. You will then receive an immediate message that will inform you if you are eligible for any of Canada’s new immigration programs. The process should take just two minutes. If you are found to be eligible, you will be contacted by CanadaVisa should you require assistance with your application.

CanadaVisa is the first to launch such a tool.

“We expect demand for these new programs to be extremely strong given the hundreds of thousands of essential workers and international graduates residing in Canada,” said Cohen.

“We wanted to release this tool quickly to help as many candidates as possible prepare themselves for the opening of these exciting new permanent residence pathways.”

Find out if you are eligibility for Canada’s new PR programs!

What are the new programs?

The new immigration programs are meant for candidates who are already residing in Canada. The pathways are:

  • Permanent Residence (PR) pathway for international student graduates;
  • PR pathway for essential workers in healthcare;
  • PR pathway for essential workers in other occupations;
  • PR pathway for French-speaking international student graduates;
  • PR pathway for French-speaking essential workers in healthcare;
  • PR pathway for French-speaking essential workers in other occupations.

The last three of these programs do not have a cap, and will continue to accept applicants until the November 5 deadline.

Essential workers in healthcare include nurses, physicians, dietitians and physiotherapists. Essential workers in other occupations include cashiers, contractors, plumbers and other tradespeople.

Candidates for all pathways are required to be employed in Canada legally at the time of applying. They must also meet minimum language requirements and meet admissibility requirements. In addition, they must not intend to reside in Quebec.

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